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Tyd: 2020-02-12

Long time no see!
In order to guarantee the rights and interests of our customers
And able to return to normal life as soon as possible
Enjoy the "zero touch" service experience of intelligent retail
From February 9th,
TCN has officially gone into operation!


I would like to pay tribute to all the workers on the front line
TCN team are firmly moving forward together!
Pay attention to health and prevent disease scientifically
I wish everyone a safe and healthy life and an early victory over the epidemic!
Epidemic situation only isolate virus, not isolate service and love
A new year,
The original intention of TCN remains unchanged
Provide better service for our customers!
Contribute to the development of society
As long as you have needs, we will respond
Go all out to overcome the difficulties
Fight the "epidemic" with the whole nation to the end!