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TCN a l'exposició de màquines expenedores d'Austràlia

Temps: 2018-09-17

Recently, TCN appeared in the Australian vending machine fair.

màquina expenedora de Tcn

TCN vending machines all over the world.

màquina expenedora de Tcn

TCN vending machines in Australia

AUS  Exhibition  2018

màquina expenedora de Tcn

People come and go at the exhibition site.

TCN team work together

Attracted friends from all over the world to visit and exchange.

màquina expenedora de Tcn

màquina expenedora de Tcn

màquina expenedora de Tcn

At this exhibition, TCN highlighted the main model of TCN-D720-10G, D720-6G and other high-performance vending machines for usuaris, with high-quality solutions to show the charm of TCN made in China to global customers!

màquina expenedora de Tcn

The machine adopts international MDB/DEX standard design, which is safe and energy saving, excellent quality. With higher performance, more intelligent, it will greatly improve the range of machine applications for users and continue to enhance the added value of products and profitability.

màquina expenedora de Tcnmàquina expenedora de Tcn

TCN-D720-6G intelligent vending machine, simple and low-key black industrial design style, leading the new generation of vending machine aesthetic trend. It can sell a wide range of bottled/canned/boxed drink, milk and a variety of types of bagged/boxed/bar snacks, instant noodles and other common convenience foods.

màquina expenedora de Tcnmàquina expenedora de Tcnmàquina expenedora de Tcn

There are also other boutique models of TCN. The simple and elegant booth design, the ingenious vending machine, if you happen to be in Australia, it is better to visit to the TCN booth.

2018 Australian vending machine exhibition

We meet, collide, communicate, cooperate here.

Let the world feel the charm of making in China.

màquina expenedora de Tcnmàquina expenedora de Tcn

Whether it's a snack drink vending machine or a fresh fruit salad vending machine.

There is always one for you!

màquina expenedora de Tcn

TCN represents China as a glory for the Chinese people.

Always at the forefront of the world in the vending machine industry

With outstanding products and services to help customers grow up!

We hope that TCN will create more possibilities at the exhibition.

Let the world hear the voice of China.

màquina expenedora de Tcn