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TCN màquina expenedora de la caixa de la sort! Tria Super sorpresa amb TCN

Temps: 2018-10-18

Today the lucky box vending machine becomes a very popular pastime game

màquina expenedora de Tcn

For only a few tens of dollars, you can pick SLR camera, SK-II Water set,Meitu mobile phone, iPhone,MAC lipstick and other super surprise


Due to mystery box comes with "mystery" and "anticipation."

Some netizens said Once spent thousands of yuan to empty the lucky box vending machine


tcnmàquina expenedora de Tcnmàquina expenedora de Tcn

I'm lucky to meet you.

TCN lucky box vending machines.

In the past, a doll grab machine, a mini KTV, massage machine.A Triple stand in the area of fragmented consumption,But the emergence of the Internet celebrity fortune bag machine,Broke this situation.

màquina expenedora de Tcnmàquina expenedora de Tcnmàquina expenedora de Tcn

Compared with the normal commodity vending machine at a glance.Uniform opaque packaging for commodity content,Added mystery.And it's this unknown and interesting.Satisfied with the "open-box" psychology of consumers,Stir the curiosity of the consumer.

màquina expenedora de Tcnmàquina expenedora de Tcn

Unification of commodity packaging and sales price,But when opened, the value of the goods inside is different.A few cents cheap, thousands of dollars expensive,This type of vending machine has a novel way of playing,Attracted a lot of consumers.

màquina expenedora de Tcnmàquina expenedora de Tcnmàquina expenedora de Tcn

TCN lucky box vending machine is very popular in Taiwan and Southeast Asia.In the mainland of China, it just sprang up,has become a popular choice for many consumers to entertain.TCN intel · ligent lucky box vending machine is a Projects with broad prospects for development, simple operation,Easier business success.

Small investment in small business

Covers an area of only 1 square meter, the rent is small, the unattended, the input cost is low

màquina expenedora de Tcn

Simple and flexible operation

Location is easy and can be adjusted and optimized at any time

There will be more than one over the wireless Internet.

The vending terminals are connected together

Realize the automatic chain of whole Operation

màquina expenedora de Tcn

The location is easy and can be adjusted at any time

The lucky box vending machine actually is a gift vending machine.

With its entertainment, interest,Add a little bit of gaming to the thrill To keep customers happy.

màquina expenedora de Tcn

TCN afortunat box vending machine customer sales report

TCN brings you to taste the flow

The sweetness of the collision between the Social Age and the vending Machine

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