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  • What is the brand and life time of the compressor used in refrigerated vending machines?

    We use Embraco,imported from Brazil.

  • तुझा कारखाना कोठे आहे?

    We are located in Changsha City,Hunan Province.Warmly welcome to visit us.

  • How about the warranty and after-sales services?

    The product is guaranteed up to one year from purchased.We have professional after-sales team,About technical problem,our after-sales engineer will reply within 12 hours.

  • What is the life time of TCN Vending Machine?

    किमान 17 वर्षे

  • What kind of payment system you have?

    We adopt import payment system,bill and coin validity like MEI,NRI,ICT,ITL,and cashless like NAYAX,INGENICO,TOUCH AND GO.

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