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कॉन्टॅक्टलेस रिटेल (वेंडिंग मशीन) चा व्यापार करायला हवा? टीसीएन ही आपली सर्वात हुशार निवड आहे.

वेळ: 2020-04-16

After the COVID-19 epidemic, most small businesses closed or will close soon because of social distance, while contactless retail business(विक्रीयंत्र) is in explosive increase, specially the pharmacy vending machine/locker.

फार्मसी वेंडिंग मशीन

With the locker and other vending machines installed in communities or stores, all the below commodities can be sold in low cost 24 hours:

Daily supplies: Rice, flaur, milk powder, flavors, oils, salts, bottle water, etc.

Healthy Products: vitamins, masks, sanitizer, and OTC medicine

Washing Supplies: Shampoo, Shower Gel, Detergent, Javel water, etc.

It will work as a station for all commodities, best solution to fight against the COVID-19.

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