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Bandhigga CVS ee Shanghai wuxuu keenaa guul guul leh

Waqtiga: 2019-05-04

April 25-27

Annual Exhibition of Unattended Retail

2019 China International Self-service Kiosk and Vending Show was held in Shanghai New International Expo Xarunta

Two booths, nearly 50 models are showed

Vigorous, fresh and vibrant green has always been the main color of TCN.

Various vending machine application scenarios

Fifteen thematic exhibition areas!

Classic models and new arrivals are all on the stage

Ice cream vending machine

A number of exclusive patents, special raw materials, delicate taste,

scientific calculation of the right amount of..

No matter men, women, children, customers at home and abroad are full of praise

after tasting ice cream.

Multi-flavors provided

Intelligent Hot Food Vending Machine

A vending machine integrated heating and refrigeration

has the double capacity than usual meals vending machine

Meals, soups etc. can be sold

Coffee vending machine

Having a cup of coffee every morning is the beginning of a good mood.

TCN coffee vending machine, precise 92℃ temperature control---gold temperature of coffee, precise control of single cup of coffee extraction,

pure and stable taste.

In the fast-pace of life, TCN automatic coffee machine gives busy people a slow enjoyment.

Coffee has changed from niche drinks to daily drinks, as you can see from the bustling crowd.~

Unattended store

Can be flexibly integrated into a variety of scenarios, full of technology sense

Constructing a new scenario of intelligent retail, no matter in sales or scenario marketing,

unattended stores are good channels for business model innovation under retail formats.

Infinite space, huge capacity, flexible slots

humanized collection port

The galleries and corridors were full of people who from all over the world

The elites of TCN explain the machines in detail to every customer

with their professional attitude and extraordinary enthusiasm

Our greatest gain at the exhibition was not the orders that were traded.

Instead, it has won the recognition of many customers and made more friends from all over the world.

Welcome to visit the headquarters of TCN

More models are waiting.