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TCN automatic ice cream vending machine

The machine is designed in accordance with international MDB standards and it is in compliance with DEX standards also, it can work with different international universal peripherals.

 The machine has a microcomputer system that enables intelligent data inquiries, statistics, settlements, self-diagnosis, etc.

We have a multi-functional cloud service system with which you can inquire the sales and the status of each machine at any time by connecting to the internet.

Fluoride free refrigerating system with individual modules easy for repair and maintenance.

 The machine is equipped with a surround stereo refrigerating system that guarantees fast and even refrigeration to keep the ice cream fresh. The thick insulation layer makes the machine more energy-saving.

The machine can work under an exterior temperature of 40and the interior temperature can be down to -18, the refrigerating temperature is 5and the freezing temperature is -18, the temperatures are adjustable.

The machine can sell ice cream, meat, fresh food, etc.






high-speed rails, airports, schools, hospitals, stations, shopping malls, enterprises, etc.

Technical data

Commodity types:20 kinds.

Capacity150 items.

-18for freezing to 5for refrigerating

Dimension:1945mm(H) * 967.5mm(D) * 1038mm(W).


Power sourceAC100~240V, 50/60Hz.

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