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TCN-D720-9C(22SP)-LD frozen food vending machine

Model:                  TCN-D900-9C(22SP)-LD

Material:               Metal

Size:                     H: 1937.5mm, W: 1384mm, D: 874.5 mm

Color:                   customized

Weight:                 470kg

Merchandise  type:  Maximum about 54 choices

Refrigeration temperature: -18°C-25°C(adjustable)

Commodity storage: About 270-800 pcs (according to size of goods)

Payment System:    Bill and coin acceptor,Change coin

Optional :               22 inches Touch Screen



1. Humanized pick-up port design with light hints anti-clip, the function of temperature isolation is superb

2. Super-large display glass window, which takes goods in a glance

3. Huge commodity capacity, max 140 lanes (7 layers*20)

4. Mechanical design: The width of the lane can be adjusted arbitrarily for different width of goods. The XY axis elevator can automatically locate the goods, eliminating the software setting steps, which is very user-friendly

5. Unique refrigeration module, strong refrigeration, convenient maintenance of condenser and ash cleaning

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