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TCN-D900-9C(32SP)-LD frozen food vending machine with ultra-low temperature for ice cream

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Main features

●  The machine used advanced technology in refrigeration and the interior temperature could be down to -18in fastly and powerfully way while the working temperature could be 40.

●  The door is made by 3-layer vacuum glass to prevent it from misting and guarantee the refrigeration efficiency inside.

●  The machine is equipped with an intelligent defrost device which can deal with frost and keep the machine working when the surrounding temperature is very low.

●  The slots of the machine can be flexibly adjusted and applied to more types of commodities comparing to snake vending machines and spiral slot vending machines.

●  The machine can work with either spiral slots or conveyor belt slots, making the dispensing smooth, safe and fast.

●  The machine has a large glass window to show all the commodities inside, which has a strong visual impact and enhances consumers’ shopping experience.

●  The machine has unique touch screen shopping guide with large information for consumers’ reference, which delivers direct and convenient shopping experience.

●  Intelligent voice shopping guide that optimizes consumers’ shopping experience and makes the shopping interface more humanized.

●  The machine is equipped with an intelligent online advertising system that can update the advertisements remotely and play the advertisements circularly in 24-hour to provide excellent advertising service and remarkable marketing abilities.

●  The software system in each machine will automatically saved and transmit the sales data, stock data and revenue figures to the cloud service system to save cost in labor and reduce the inspecting frequency of machines.

●  The machine has a precise dispensing monitor system as well as surveillance on the door to guarantee the safety of the payment done on the machine.

●  The machine works with cash, WeChat Pay, Ali Pay, JD wallet and BestPay.

●  The machine can sell frozen food including ice cream, frozen fresh meat, etc.

●  We have a multi-functional cloud service system that enables remote control of the machine including operation monitor, data report and malfunction report.

Bank,Supermarket,Airport,Train station,Hospital,Shopping mall,Park,Zoo,Scenic area,Pharmacy(drugstore),Office,Hotel,Subway station,School




Frozen Vending Machine

Outside Dimensions

H: 1800mm, W:1535mm, D: 874.5 mm



Merchandise  type

As per the size of commodities

Storage Capacity

Maximum about 54 choices

Interior Storage

6 drawers

Refrigeration  temperature




Payment System

Bill,Coin,Coin Dispenser(MDB Protocol) 

Standard interface


LCD Screen

32 inches

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