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TCN-D720-FD(32HP) Newly upgraded hot food vending machine with 32 inch touch screen

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Packaging Details:

Carton or plywood

Delivery Time:

15 working days

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Supply Ability:

150000 units/year


1. The machine adopts the carousel cargo lane and the capacity is increased.

2, the receiving platform uses the track to receive the goods, so that each of the stocking boards put more than one box, compared to the same type of machine can be more than double the goods.

3, the machine shipping method is fully automatic flat goods, can sell boxed rice with soup.

4, machine microwave heating module heat dissipation using the latest water cooling, so that the heating is more stable, the box heating is faster.


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Model  TCN-D720-FD(32HP)
Dimension 1220mm*1015mm*1940mm
Weight 400kg
Screen 32 inches
Voltage AC 220V
Type MAX 72
Capacity MAX 144