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TCN micro market 3C digital vending machine with elevator system

1.The machine is equipped with a 32-inch touch LCD screen that can display videos and images in different formats.

2.The elevator system in the machine will deliver the commodities placed at different positions to the picking-up door.

3.The machine is designed in accordance with international MDB standards and it is in compliance with DEX standards also, it can work with different international universal peripherals.

4.The machine can sell fragile packages or those which cannot suffer from dropping, as well as glass bottles and cans/bottles/boxes/pouches that can be refrigerated. It can apply to a wide range of commodities and it has high economic returns.

 5.The machine has a microcomputer system that enables intelligent data inquiries, statistics, settlements, self-diagnosis, etc.

6.The widths of the slots are adjustable and the slots can flexibly apply to commodities in different dimensions.

7. The machine is equipped with a 3D robot arm, the vacuum sucker on which will take and put down the merchandises gently.

8.The machine has anti-theft design, the position where customers take their commodities away is segregated from where the commodities are reserved.

9.The machine is equipped with an infrared drop sensor as part of the standard configuration to guarantee precise dispensing, the machine will refund if it fails in dispensing.

10.We have a multi-functional cloud service system with which you can inquire the sales and the status of each machine at any time by connecting to the internet.

11.The robot arm with a vacuum sucker takes the commodities from the slots directly, which looks high-end and amazing.

12.There are no motors or wires behind the slots so that they look more clean, concise and reliable.








high-speed rails, airports, schools, hospitals, stations, shopping malls, enterprises, etc.

  Technical data

  Type: 50- 80 Kinds (Maximum)

  Capacity:  400pcs

  Dimension:  1933mm(H) *1077mm(D) *1500mm(W)

  Weight:  400KGS

  Electricity:  AC 100V/240V, 60Hz/50Hz 

  Appearance designing patent number: 2016302655046.

 Anti-theft patent number 2016205986238.

 Pulling door device patent number2016206117988

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