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TCN-NMM-16V(22SP) High technology fashion micro market vending machine with elevator


1.The cargo capacity of this machine is very large. The whole machine can make 224 lanes (7 layers* 32). The width and height of the cargo passage can be adjusted at will and it is easy to adapt to cargo of various sizes.

2. The high lift atmosphere of the double lifting robot, the front picking robot and the rear push plate robot move at the same time, the XY axis lift is directly dragged and set on the screen, and the lift moves to the designated position in real time.

3. The push-plate robot directly pushes the goods out of the cargo road, and there is no picky on the cargo road. There are a wide variety of products to be used, and the robot picks up the goods and has no pressure on the goods and needs to be handled easily.

4. the truck road has no motor harness and other equipment, simple and generous

5. panoramic glass perspective cabinet door, all merchandise display at a glance, moving the screen, complete the opening and closing of the hatching, full of technology, increase the desire to buy

6. with anti-theft transport device, the pickup port and the inventory area are completely isolated and stolen, pick up and not bend over, the transport device automatically detects whether the customer has taken the goods, the door has automatic anti-pinch function


Model TCN-WRD(22SP)
Dimension 2800mm*1050mm*1940mm
Weight 400KG
Screen 21.5 inches touch screen
Voltage AC 220V
Power 300W
Type MAX 224
Capacity MAX 2688
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