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TCN Cool Drink Vending Machine

Minimum Order Quantity:



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Packaging Details:

Carton or plywood

Delivery Time:

15 working days

Payment Terms:


Supply Ability:

300,000 units/year

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drink vending machine

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vending machine application

Bank,Supermarket,Airport,Train station,Hospital,Shopping mall,Park,Zoo,Scenic area,Pharmacy(drugstore),Office,Hotel,Subway station,School

vending machine for sale

Touch screen:21.5’’ capacitor touch screen
Network mode: 4G module
Payment device: bill, coin, card, QR code for your optional
Intelligent system: sales system, payment system, operation system, data monitoring system, remote
control system. Can be integrated with the Coca-Cola system
Refrigeration temperature :  2-25℃,adjustable
Slots configuration: a total of 24 serpentine slots, a set of 6 slots for slender cans, the width of slots
180mm; three sets of 18 slots for bottles of 500-600ml
Products: bottles and cans
Capacity: 112 pcs of slender cans, 294pcs bottles with diameter of 66mm
Applicable scenarios: indoor and outdoor
Features: super small body, 21.5'' capacitor touch screen, can pay by QR code, optimized design,  500
ml and 600 ml drinks can be sold in the same set of slots(The capacity is same) The machine can be
set separately with left cabinet for heating/cooling and right cabinet for cooling

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