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Marchnad peiriant gwerthu meddyginiaeth ddeallus

Amser: 2020 02-13-

At present, drug retail enterprises (including chain stores and independent stores) can rely on their own physical drugstores to set up automatic drug vending machines at their business addresses. For drug retail chain stores where 100% distribution of drugs is carried out by chain companies, intelligent medicine vending machines can be set up in 24-hour convenience stores, hotels, airports, stations, TOD business district (outside the registered address) and other densely populated places. The number of stores to be set shall be in line with the management capacity of the stores, and the location shall be within the jurisdiction of the district (city) and county where the drug retail chain stores are registered. Moreover, drug retail enterprises that have legally obtained relevant certificates can set up automatic drug vending machines in accordance with the provisions as the sales points of class B over-the-counter drugs and class II medical devices.


Driven by the new retail, many automatic drug vending machines are placed in drug stores. However, compared with the promotion of automatic drug vending machine, people pay more attention to its application. From the perspective of the development process of medicine vending machine, that can be said to be relatively single.


The intelligent medicine vending machine is quite different from the ordinary commodity vending machine. First of all, there should be a strict temperature control system, drugs are not general commodities, and they have specific requirements for cool or normal temperature storage environment. Therefore, higher requirements are put forward for the automatic drug vending machine in terms of function and characteristics: it is necessary to be able to regulate and control the internal temperature and humidity, ensure that the storage conditions of drugs meet the drug quality management standards, and ensure the quality of drugs. At the same time, the backstage service center of the drugstore can monitor each automatic drug vending machine in real time. The information of each sale shall be recorded in detail, and the data shall be uploaded in real time, so as to facilitate the traceability and the drugstore's maintenance management of the drugs