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TCN-CMX-10N(V22) intelligent micro market vending machine with 22 inch touch screen

Minimum Order Quantity:



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Packaging Details:

Carton or plywood

Delivery Time:

15 working days

Payment Terms:


Supply Ability:

300,000 units/year


1 Year

After-sales Service

Video technical support, Online support

intelligent vending machine

All-steel fuselage : 1.5mm thickened steel plate

Luxury Windows : Double toughened glass

LED lighting : Energy-saving LED lamp belt

21.5 touch screen : Support software split screen and shopping program

Large storage space : 140 kinds

Direct push slot : can sell heterosexual packaged goods

Lift intelligent positioning :  XY axis intelligent scanning positioning

Basket type mechanical pick-up : Smooth shipment to ensure that the goods are in good condition

Anti-pinch automatic door : Do not bend over to pick up the light tips

Chinese vending machine

tcn vending machine

convenience store vending machine

large capacity vending machine


vending machine solution

Supermarket,Airport,Train station,Shopping mall,Scenic area,Office,Hotel,Subway station

vending machine projects



H:1970 mm, W:1440 mm, D:980 mm

Payment System

Bill, Coin, Credit Card,Cashless Payment, QR Code Payment etc.


516 kg




6 shelves with 28 slots each shelf

Power supply 

AC 110V~240V, 50/60HZ


Max 77 slots(according to the size of goods)


Wechat QR Pay,Ali QR Pay,Membership card/IC card payment functions


School,bank,office,factory,park,subway station,airport,hotel,hospital, shopping mall etc.,


1. Stable structure, low failure rate and fast shipping speed.

2. Low equipment cost, wide application, and sale of comprehensive products.

3. Panoramic glass window design, merchandise placement is neat and tidy.

4. New direct push cargo lane, can sell shaped packaging goods.

5. The cargo lane can be adjusted according to the size of the product, and the operation is simple and flexible.

6. The central pick-up port, no need to bend over, ship the light prompts, automatically open the door.

7. Intelligent lifting platform, automatic addressing and positioning, smooth and safe shipping process.

8. Remote temperature control and commodity control, sales data analysis, inelligent management anytime, anywhere.

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