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New Arrivals !!! TCN vending machine

Time: 2019-02-14

In the blink of an eye, it’s new year’s season.

New Year, New beginning

Take the lead to see the new style of snake vending machine in 2019

It is now!


Redefining shape of vending machine  

Fashion appearance and “strong strength”

Redefining Black Technology Vending Machine

Creating a new life of Intelligence

Redefining application scenarios of snake vending machine

Popularizing AI in the future is not a dream




New products for the 2019


Not much to say, scroll down


Let's start the New Year's technological journey together~

1.TCN Fresh cold supermarket at minus 18

Frozen delicacy

Visible fresh

Vegetables, fruits, meat, frozen foods, aquatic products, etc. can be sold

2.TCN Intelligent Micro-shop

TCN Intelligent Micro-shop is not only smart, but also more satisfying human needs

Unique anti-theft structure

User-friendly pick-up port design

Equipped with light tips, pick-up without bending, anti-clip

Automatic location search of XY axis lifter

The software setup steps are omitted

Shopping cart function, multiple purchases, one purchase

Fresh, drinks, eggs, vegetables, fruits and milk are available for sale

3.TCN Newly developed ice cream machine

The New Ice Cream Machine Overthrows the Age

One machine is equal to an intelligent unmanned ice cream shop

Diversified tastes

Three main flavors of ice cream

Any combination of four kinds of jams and four kinds of nuts

4.Frozen Heated Unmanned Intelligent Restaurant

Mini-hotel create first class convenience cabin

Freezing at minus 18 degrees+Intelligent Microwave Heating Integrated Restaurant

Translational delivery, ready-to-eat, fast and convenient purchase

Integrative Intelligent lunch Box Machine for Refrigeration and Heating

Independent Ozone Antivirus Module, Intelligent Storage and Preservation of Box Meals

Offer meals 24 hours a day.

Free from time and space , convenient for a wide range of diners

5.TCN Bullet-clip vending machine

TCN Bullet-clip vending machine realizes the milestone of Chinese beverage machine!

Significantly improved shipment accuracy

3D robot delivery, No Pressure to Handle fragile Commodities

Panoramic glass perspective cabinet door

All commodities are clear at a glance, increasing the desire to buy

Automatically detect whether customers have taken away goods

Large storage capacity and simple replenishment

It's several times the normal spring machine and beyond the capacity of the Serpentine vending machine

Easy replenishment

Realize one replenishment and multiple bottles, easily and quickly.


Three-dimensional display of all products

Increase aesthetics and desire to buy


6.TCN Unmanned Store


TCN "Unmanned Supermarket"

Redefined vending machines

Help Operators Realize Luxurious Turn

Accelerate deployment to seize market commanding heights

Intelligent Scanning Location

Three-dimensional manipulator, vacuum sucker light handle

Delivery device with anti-theft

The pick-up port is separated from the storage area to guard against theft.

It can sell fragile and wrapping goods at the same time.

Boxed meals, glass bottles and refrigerants

Canned, bottled, boxed, bagged drinks, etc.

Wide scope of application and high economic benefits

The above new models of TCN will be presented at Guangzhou Exhibition in February 2019.

If you want to see the new style ahead of time

Welcome to visit the headquarters base of TCN in Ningxiang High-tech Zone, Changsha, Hunan at any time.

Some of the products have been sold in stock.

Looking forward to your visit.~


TCN China will support you for the vending machine guidance and troubleshooting no matter you bought VM from TCN factory or local distributor.Call us:+86-731-88048300