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TCN automatic lunch-box machine collides with delicacies to create new sparks

Time: 2019-08-08

In recent years, take-away platforms such as Metro and Baidu have become popular.


The increasingly fierce competition in the lunch market has provided more diversified meals for the majority of office workers.


However, online ordering has no price advantage and it also has to bear an extra 3-5 yuan per order for delivery.


Subsidies attracted large numbers of non-just-needed people


Domestic rent, rising labor costs, food safety problems and so on make catering more and more difficult to do.


Compared with the traditional restaurants, the TCN automatic box lunch machine can reach the customers at close range,

which is its core advantage.


Small area, break through regional restrictions, inject fresh blood into catering market


As early as five years ago, the size of online users of catering O2O in China reached nearly 200 million yuan,

and the market size reached 94.37 billion yuan.


After several years of development, this number has multiplied several times.


Boxed lunch vending machine is the first thing that is standardized, portable and less investment.

On the one hand, it can improve the sales efficiency of vending machines,

on the other hand, it can reduce the management cost of catering industry.

Most importantly, the box lunch vending machine can adjust the amount of market in time

according to the market demand and improve the operation efficiency.


TCN box lunch vending machine is different from ordinary box lunch vending machine.


We have the first, second and third generations to meet the special requirements of all kinds of food in an all-round way.


Boxed meals, noodles, soup porridge, stir-fried vegetables, snacks and so on can be sold, refrigeration and heating in one, with complete functions




Prospects and Advantages of TCN Box lunch Vending Machine


At present, the development of China's real estate industry is still very rapid.

 Many new residential districts have imperfect supporting facilities, 

no access to necessities, no restaurants and other shops. 

And some suburban factories and office buildings 

are not very convenient places for eating. 



Because there are no catering shops around, takeout can not be served.

In some multi-tier cities, the beauty troupe and hungry can not be mainstream, box lunch vending machine layout in these locations,

the order rate is not considered.




Even if there are dense shops around and take-out, the box-lunch vending machine can be operated in a new retail mode.

This is also more time-consuming than takeout, and eating is certainly a rigid demand.



1. Safety and hygiene of manufacturing process


Intelligent storage and preservation of box lunch, 

with an independent ozone sterilization module, 

to ensure that the internal box lunch is not interfered by bacteria.



2. Super-large storage capacity and various types of sales


The heating efficiency of the machine is high, the delivery process is fast, 

and the facial brushing payment can be carried 

to enjoy the exclusive preferential policy of activities.



3. Operation of new retail model


The wireless remote GPRS background management system can realize the remote management and operation of multiple machines. 

Intelligent cloud management master the business situation. 

The new retail model is popular with young people.



4. Reducing investment in catering industry


Because the box lunch vending machine area is relatively small, the rent requirement for the production site is not high.

So the investment cost is much cheaper than the traditional restaurant.

The rent of the site is generally 1000 yuan to 3000 yuan a month. Different people flow, rent is different.

Rents vary from city to city. Selling 80 boxes a day can make a profit of 500-800 yuan a day.


TCN Series automatic box lunch vending machine can reach customers at close range and widely, which is its core advantage,

but also very suitable for the fast-paced lifestyle of office workers.

In addition, the automatic lunch box machine can be put into the office building,

but also put into the station, community and other places where the traffic is relatively large.


Moreover, the profit model of TCN box lunch vending machine is not only selling box lunch.

It can also be combined with retail and beverage vending machines.

Not only that, because the machine itself has a huge LED display screen, it can broadcast advertisements 24 hours a day.

Operators can absolutely undertake other commercial advertisements and gain additional advertising revenue.



Out of the traditional solidified mode of thinking


Plus the new retail attributes of the automatic lunch box vending machine


The prospect of the automatic lunch box vending machine can be infinitely good.

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