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TCN hot food vending machine

Time: 2022-10-10

TCN hot food vending machine is an end-to-end solution to sell all types of hot food. Great for group canteens and restaurants. Featuring an innovative heating module, it can deliver pizzas, burgers, sandwiches, pre-cooked meals and other baked goods. In addition, the heating time can be adjusted according to the food being sold, thus guaranteeing the best consumable conditions.



Transparent window, you can see the delicious food, you can watch the whole shipping process.

The heating speed is fast (60 seconds fast heating), which can be heated continuously.

 The whole machine can be heated, and the maximum temperature of the whole machine can reach 55 degrees.

The meal time is less than 15 seconds for cold meals and less than 90 seconds for heated meals, and the heating is even.

The capacity is large, and the products sold can be diversified, such as biscuits, boxed drinks, and milk.

For light inspection, it can be applied to various sizes of commodities.

Electronic price tags make it easier to update product prices.

 Humanized pick-up port (intelligent induction anti-pinch hand, keep it open before picking up the goods, no need to bend over to pick up the goods in the middle position), ergonomically designed, giving customers a better shopping experience.

There is a platform for placing goods at the pickup port to prevent the food from being hot.

Flexible cargo lane and price planning: can use the shopping cart function

background billboard

Expiration Timer: Control of Product Expiration Dates

Rugged Vandal Resistant Keyboard

Over temperature lock machine


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