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The era of Unattended vending machines comes

Time: 2019-05-30

A few days ago, Lei Jun posted that "MI" mobile phones and digital accessories sold in TCN  vending machine in India.


Buying a cell phone from a vending machine was almost inconceivable in the past and now is a fact.





The history of vending machines can be traced back to more than 2,000 years ago.

There was a magic device in a temple in ancient Egypt, in which people could get "sacred water" if they put money into it.

Convenience and instantaneity are its original functions.


Vending machines have been in China for only 20 years, and the total amount is less than one-tenth of that in Europe and America.

But while vending machines witness the revolution of retail industry in China, they also write their own unique stories.——


For example, Loreal's lipstick vending machine sells 70,000 lipsticks per month, of which 83% are new customers;

Tmall U dispatches a prototype first, a penny-for-money sample for trial, and dispatches 8 million lipstick on line for half a year.

This year's target is to dispatch 100 million.




After the past two years, the unmanned retail industry has gradually become calm, many companies in the outlets have closed down,

and in the shuffle of the industry, we find that some valuable things have been precipitated.


People wander around here, scanned codes, paid by mobile phones, took goods and left.

But do you really understand the mystery behind it?


In the past, vending machines had a single function, trying to sell things in the most convenient way,

doing the 24-hour mini-convenience store business.

Now, the Internet connects fragmented vending machines, targeting buyers.



L'Oreal's lipstick vending machines sell an average of 70,000 units a month, higher than some counters.

Wang Qianyuan, general manager of digital marketing and e-commerce in L'Oreal's cosmetics department,

places more emphasis on another figure, 83% of new customers.



"Without technological advances, the development of vending machines will not reach this level."

Gan Weiqiao, senior partner of the self-service ice-cream vending machine "ICE Motorcycle Man", believes that mobile payment technology,

the popularization of 4G network and the flexibility of upstream industry chain are indispensable to China's current auto-vending industry.


Gan Weiqiao says traditional retail thinking is unimaginable - the bathing center in the northeast, or winter.


The unit price of ice cream is between 10 yuan and 14 yuan. The sales of a machine can reach 40,000 yuan per month.

Roughly estimated, it can sell about 100 items per day. "It took only 15 days to get the cost back." Ganweiqiao said.




What if we lose money? Ganwei Bridge is not worried, just change places.

"It's a shop with wheels." At present, 30% of ICE motorcycle machines are very profitable,

30% are comparatively profitable and 30% can maintain a balance of profits and losses.



In the past, it was really unthinkable.


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