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To know Multi-types vending machine

Time: 2019-06-22

In today's society, the fast pace of life, 24-hours, novel, fashionable, intelligent and other needs have become the consumption trend of young consumers, Unattended self-service retail sales model is highly respected. Vending machine is very in line with this demand. It is not limited by time and place, saves labor and facilitates transactions. It is a new form of commercial retail, and is becoming a new outlet for the upgrading of retail consumption.


Innovation can adapt to the development of the times, of course, vending machines have developed many types so far. From the structure, it can be divided into locker machine, spring vending machine, S-shaped vending machine, belt vending machine with automatic lifting system and so on. From the application, there are beverage vending machines, fruit vending machines, adult supplies vending machines, Snack Vending machines, fast food vending machines, etc. The manufacturing cost and function design of vending machines from different vendors are different, so the prices of vending machines are different. Next, I will introduce the price difference of vending machines according to the classification of the channel structure.


1. S-shaped




S-shaped slots of vending machine is a special aisle specially developed for selling drinks. It can sell all kinds of bottled and canned drinks, and the width of slots can be adjusted according to the level of drinks. Drinks can be stacked layer by layer in the aisle, relying on its own gravity decline, which will not cause cargo jam and high space utilization rate. The capacity of this kind of vending machine is larger than that of other types of vending channels, and the replenishment is simple. It can be thrown in horizontally, which reduces the replenishment time, has a long service life and is durable. However, this kind of vending channel has complex structure, high cost and is not easy to produce. Generally, enterprises are unable to produce it. Therefore, the price of this kind of vending machine is relatively high. The small vending machine costs about 10,000 yuan, the large one needs 20,000 yuan to 30,000 yuan, with or There will also be differences with the screen, such as: large touch screen machines are much more expensive than small screen machines, but later to consider the operating costs, such vending machines have a long life and low failure rate, or relatively cost-effective.



2. Spring





Spring slots are fairly early slots in vending machines. It uses the rotation of springs to push goods out. The structure of this channel is relatively simple, and there are many kinds of small commodities for sale, such as drinks, snacks, instant noodles and daily necessities. The production cost is relatively low, but the card rate is very high. The size of the goods on board must be strictly in accordance with the bullet. Spring pitch and diameter of the size, replenishment should be carefully arranged, the bad rate of cargo will increase, more trouble. The vending machine price of this kind of aisle is generally between 16,000 and 16,000, depending on the size of the vending machine.


3. Belt slots




Belt vending machine is an extension of the spring slots. It has many restrictions. It is suitable for the sale of fixed volume, flat bottom and not easy to collapse. It can be used to sell boxed meals, short canned drinks, boxed snacks and so on. Replenishment is also more troublesome. Like the spring track, it needs to carefully put the goods one by one, which delays the time. The price of this kind of vending machine is generally more than 20,000, and the price of the vending machine depends on the size of the configuration.


4. Locker vending machine




Locker vending machine is the cheapest vending machine. It combines many lattice cabinets. Each lattice cabinet has a separate door and control mechanism. Each lattice cabinet can only store one commodity, but it sells a wide variety of goods (no packaging, irregular shape, larger size, package combination, etc.). Yes, the structure is simple and the production cost is low, but there are also a few commodities and low space utilization. The price of individual lattice cabinets is generally about 5-7,000, which can not be used alone. The lattice cabinets with system can be used alone. The price of this kind of vending machine is about 8-9,000.


5. Versatile slots



This machine with automatic elevator is also equipped with a set of automatic elevator system.It can sell fragile goods such as glass-packed goods, fruits and vegetables, eggs, box meals, etc. The delivery is very stable, and the goods sold by the vending machine are relatively large, so the overall size of this kind of machine is also compared. Large, complex structure, high production cost, the price of this kind of vending machine is generally around 30,000.


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