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How do vending machines make money?

Time: 2019-11-02

At present, vending is a new type of retail business, which has the characteristics of small investment, quick return and simple management mode,

attracting a large number of young people who want to start a business or engage in sideline business.

Since the vending machine entered the Chinese market, its convenience has effectively improved the quality of people's life.

However, from the initial pressure and technical demand did not meet the market demand, so the domestic vending machine has been tepid.

With the development of domestic economy and the increase of labor cost and shop rent, more and more people begin to pursue the instant and convenient consumption mode. Coupled with the Internet coverage and the improvement of mobile payment technology when the commercial supporting facilities in many areas can no longer meet people's needs, it quickly leads the retail market in China.

24-hour business service, low-cost, intelligent and other advantages open the door of unattended retail formats, opening the era of vending machines!

How do vending machines make money?

I. Unattended service, open 24 hours a day

A vending machine is quite a small convenience store, mainly for commodities, so the main source of money is commodities.

But it is different from the convenience store in essence. It operates 24 hours a day. No matter the wind or rain, as long as there is electricity, the vending machine can operate all the time, all the year round.

Therefore, compared with the convenience store, except the cost of goods, the maintenance fee and electricity fee of the vending machine, the rest is the profit earned Moisten.

II. Media advertising, additional income

The vending machine has a large screen for advertising.

In addition, there are also ads on the fuselage. If they are done well, the advertising effect will be good.

Compared with traditional physical retail stores, this not only reduces the cost of media advertising investment,

we can also cooperate with other businesses to play advertisements in vending machines and increase advertising revenue.

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