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Main application of vending machine

Time: 2019-11-22

Credit card shopping:

With the support of network environment, it has a variety of electronic payment functions

Currency recognition: the electronic control system can cooperate with the paper currency and coin recognizer to add the function of voucher, which can identify paper and coin type vouchers.

Data download

Using USB technology and a USB flash drive, you can easily download the operation information of the vending machine, and then use a PC machine to process the downloaded data, so that operators can grasp the sales situation of different regions, machines and commodities.

Special functions, network operation

The data of the current operation of the vending machine, including system status, system failure, material track failure, out of stock and sales data, are wirelessly transmitted to the vending machine network server through the GPRS module installed on the vending machine. The operators can master these information of the vending machine on any networked computers, and realize the large-scale operation and network management of the vending machine 。

Mobile shopping

The vending machine system is connected with the mobile POS module system to read and write the 2.4GHz rfsim card launched by China Mobile and complete the shopping function of China Mobile.

Multimedia display

Using LED display and multimedia display technology, the vending machine system is connected with PC system, so that consumers can purchase the products of vending machine through the touch screen controlled by PC, not only replacing the selection button, but also making the vending machine have media function.

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