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How "smart" is an intelligent vending machine?

Time: 2019-09-27

Intelligence of vending machines is much more than a touch screen.

Now the vending machine "intelligence" mainly embodies in three aspects,

On the one hand, the intelligent control of goods, which means each transaction is directly used as data for subsequent purchase and sales analysis;


On the other hand, the vending machine is fully networked monitoring and protection, that is to say mechanical failure and shortage information are through the monitoring system. Warning, greatly enhance the vending machine business operation supporting capabilities;

Third, the smart screen is actually a practice of the popular concept of "software defined hardware". Advertising displays and other extensions can already be implemented on vending machine screens.


Generally speaking, vending machines have gradually shown their unique advantages by relying on the development of "mobile" and "intelligent".

There is still a lot of room for domestic market, but the vending machine has its own natural disadvantage because it can not develop for a long time.

1. The goods sold by vending machines belong to fast-moving category. Usually the drinks and snacks sold are low-profit products, and the profit is very low.

However, through the sale of third-party advertising, and even possible cooperation with mobile operators, the profit can be improved, but the premise is that vending machines cover a large number of people.

2. Volume limitation of vending machine itself. If it is too large, it will increase the cost, and result in insufficient profits. In fact, this problem is still subordinate to the first disadvantage; however, since vending machine manufacturers have the idea of combining vending machines with mailboxes, it is necessary to consider that too many goods in the future may cause vending machines to be overburdened.

3. Vending machines are now mainly concentrated in universities and labor-intensive manufacturing enterprises.

If there is a limited audience, there will be fewer opportunities to cooperate with advertisers and even operators. Now vending machine companies have negotiated with the subway and started to put terminals in the subway. This is a good opportunity to expand influence.



Without a strong backstage, nothing is easy to do, which everyone understands.

If you want to get a cup of soup from it, you need to be well prepared.



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