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What kind of vending machines are more popular?

Time: 2019-10-12

Nowadays, in the era of high-tech development, vending machines with mobile payment such as WeChat, Alipay, and UnionPay are more popular and popular.

The rental operating cost of the facade is getting higher and higher, and the demand for vending machines in the development of the times is increasing. The competition is more intense in the self-service retail category.

So the vending machines with WeChat payment, Alipay and UnionPay payment functions have more competitive advantages than the traditional coin-operated vending machines, which can be roughly divided into the following aspect:

1, flexible payment methods      

With the increase in the number of users who use WeChat and Alipay, this novel payment method has been recognized by everyone.

In the future, more people will use this payment method, and vending machines will introduce mobile payment, which is also suitable for development. At this stage, most of vending manufacturers from China, unattended vending machine manufacturers have adpoted WeChat payment, mobile payment, intelligent vending machines and traditional coin-operated Vending machines are increasingly attracting users' attention and further increasing the business income of merchants.

2, Convenience      

In the traditional coin-operated vending machine, when the user uses the paper, it is necessary to input the banknotes of the fixed denomination, and the mobile payment can handle the inconvenience of this type of payment method. At the same time, it also saves the trouble of changing. which benefit for users to have a better experience when they spend.

With the development of technology, mobile payments are now available in real time. On vending machines, the speed of purchasing goods on using mobile payments is more faster than coin-operated payments . Coin-operated payment also has a process of identifying money and silver. Sometimes, due to the failure of identification, it needs to be coined twice or even repeatedly. The old or damaged money is still unrecognizable. Therefore, in terms of overall payment speed, mobile payment is still faster than coin payment. It can also prevent counterfeit money and reduce trouble.

3, Security      

Traditional coin-operated vending machines have the trouble of cards and money-swallowing. When the user encounters this situation, they need to waste the time to wait until the merchant to deal with it. Merchants also need to spend manual processing on site. When using mobile payment,  there is a customer service phone call in the payment interface, and the user can get in touch with the customer service at any time, and the customer service registration information is communicated to the local line personnel.

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