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How to maintain the vending machine?

Time: 2019-09-20

How to maintain the vending machine?


In a sense, vending machines are our salesmen, they work for us 24 hours a day, so we should treat them well.


In order not to make our vending machines emotional, we should take good care of them.


Now let's talk about how to maintain the vending machine.



The main parts of the vending machine need to be repaired.


Such as Fuselage surface, pick-up port, cabinet windows, coin recognizer, conveying slider, condenser, evaporator, etc.


Cleaning methods of vending machine fuselage


1. When the machine has dust, it can be wiped with a dry towel.


2. If there is a lot of dirt, wash clean with warm water or dilute neutral wash with towel.


3. If there are stain on the screen, you can wipe it with a dry towel.

If the dry towel can't be wiped off, you need to wipe it with a wet towel or with a diluted neutral detergent.

Remember that the towel should not be too wet and the stain can be wiped off.



Be careful


Do not use solvents containing acid or alkaline solvents. Otherwise, Cabinet window panels, selection buttons and other parts are likely to be corroded and cracked or faded. When removing dirt from vending machines, it is strictly forbidden to use paint solvents, banana water and other chemical drugs.


1. Pick-up port


When replenishing, you need to check whether there are stains at the intake port:

In summer, the cold and hot alternating location of the intake port of the beverage machine is easy to breed bacteria, and the LED light in the convenience cabinet attracts flying insects.


2. Cabinet window parts


Because the window is an important place to display samples, it is necessary to keep them clean at all times.

There are lights in there, which will attract flying insects and leave stains.

Therefore, it is necessary to clean them regularly and use a towel to clean them when replenishing goods.


3. Identifier


The recogniser consists of a banknote and a coin. It is a device for receiving cash.


1). The transmission channel of the paper currency and the recognition channel of the coin will usually leave dirt.

When the recognition head of the recognition device is opened, the dirt will be visible.


2). Wet towels or wet towels with neutral detergents are needed.

If not, it will directly affect the normal operation of the identifier.

It is better to check and clean once a month.



4. Conveyor Slide


It is the only way for the delivery of beverage and food.


1). If there is any beverage damage in the vending machine, the conveyor belt will be dirty. Open the inner door to check.


2). Long-term unclear of conveyor belt will damage the machine,

which need to be cleaned up from time to time, clean up with wet towels. Clean up once a week!


5. Condenser Cleaning


At least once a month, clean with a vacuum cleaner and condenser brush to remove garbage or dirt attached to the radiator of the condenser.

Or it will lead to poor refrigeration effect, increased power consumption, serious compressor damage!


When cleaning, do not use metal material (such as condenser cleaning brush), you need to move up and down to clean.

It can also be sucked out with a vacuum cleaner. Otherwise, the machine will be damaged.

The cooling unit should be dismantled for deep cleaning when there are too much dirt.



6. Evaporating dishes


Evaporator dishes are places where excess condensate is stored, and water evaporates through the copper tubes of the condenser.


1. If there is no water overflow after evaporation, it is necessary to remove the baffle of the evaporating dish

with a screwdriver and take out the evaporating dish to pour out the condensed water in the evaporating dish.


2. Clean up every two months.


After we have maintained our vending machine, they will be happy to help us work





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