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TCN Smart Locker Vending Machine

TCN Combine a locker system with a vending machine for the ultimate 24 hours vending machine solution! A great way to expand your business, instead of opening a staffed brick and mortar store. A locker vending system will stay open 24/7. You can place them in new markets and build brand awareness locally. With no additional staffing costs, it is a fast, fun and safe way to reach more potential customers.


Locker Vending Machine
- Model: TCN-ZK(22SP)+BLH-19S;
- Used for snacks,drinks,daily products,pharmacy etc.;
- 21.5 inch touch screen for advertising, good display & selection, setting,
- Standard MDB interface, capable of different cash/cashless payments.
- Bigger capacity with expansion of different slaves, including 19S/27S/40S/64S door;
- Space Saving / wall anchored, and flashing neon light;
- Customisation Service: colour, decals, video display, door size.

Best Locations: Hospital, Community, Walking Channel, Factory,Shopping mall,Subway station etc.




 Locker Vending Machine


 H:1940mm W: 1477mm D:320mm

Merchandise Type

 No limatation,such as box,softbag,can/bottles etc.,


 19 pcs








 1 Year
 After-sales Service

 Video technical support, Online support

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TCN China will support you for the vending machine guidance and troubleshooting no matter you bought VM from TCN factory or local distributor.Call us:+86-731-88048300