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TCN Smart Pharmacy Vending Store, a solid backing for millions of households during the epidemic!

Time: 2020-02-19

A sudden outbreak changed the trajectory of all of us and the lives of many people

In the face of the catastrophe, many things have become unimportant. The Novel coronavirus pneumonia highlights the meaning of life and also highlights many problems.

What to do when buying medicine during an epidemic? What to do to prevent cross infection?

Prior to the outbreak, promoting vending machine convenience store drug sales has been written into national documents!
Vending machines and medicines have accelerated across the country

After the NCP broke out, the self-service medicine vending machine was given a new mission during the exploration of the new era of pharmaceutical retail!

pharmacy vending machine

The closed management of the community makes it difficult for households in various communities to travel. There are no materials and medicines to fight the disease. Seeing all kinds of help, really heartfelt!

medicine vending machine

TCN 24-hour self-service medicine vending machine is dedicated to solving the problem of selling medicine in different scenarios. Buying medicine is at your fingertips at any time and avoiding the danger of cross infection. You don't need to worry about urgently needing medicine and buying medicine late at night.

drug vending machine

TCN China will support you for the vending machine guidance and troubleshooting no matter you bought VM from TCN factory or local distributor.Call us:+86-731-88048300