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TCN Vending, a multifaceted channel: a vending machine for books and newspapers

Time: 2020-06-19

It is a vending machine for newspapers and magazines, from the firm TCN Vending Machine, and unlike other machines that we discovered long ago, this one allows different payment systems, such as the QR code .

Vending has long demonstrated its versatility and effectiveness as a point of sale. It is a fact that the tendency to opt for automatic and neglected channels consolidates at the rate that new forms of service emerge in automatic distribution. And even more now, with the need to avoid contact with other people at all costs, having a vending machine that offers us any product is a relief for the final consumer.

From snack machines, complete menus, drinks, frozen foods, personal protective equipment, parapharmacy ... people choose this service on a daily basis because they find everything they need; also since, so far, it is the most secure channel.

This security is closely linked to the means of payment, and that is that vending is the business segment that offers the most types of systems. An idea that they support from TCN Vending Machine through their new TCN-S800-10 Book vending machine, with which they incorporate various means of payment such as credit card, tickets, and the most demanded, digital ones, such as payment by QR .

The vending machine distributes all kinds of bound material: books, notebooks, newspapers and magazines, and distributes them thanks to an intelligent SaaS management system. This system allows products of different sizes and weights to be shipped, without the need to adjust their programming.

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