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TCN Sanitary PPE Vending Machines

Time: 2020-06-19

Throughout these months we have verified the effectiveness of vending as a point of sale for PPE, one of the greatest current demands. The vending machines of personal protective equipment cover all kinds of environments, from health centers, streets, shopping centers, airports and a long etcetera.

Regarding vending machines, we can find the star products that cannot be missed in our routine: the 100 ml travel hydrogel so that the user can carry it comfortably -and use it at any time- and the masks in packs of two that are fully disinfectable.

Self-protection is one of the keys to continue advancing in the de-escalation of the provinces, and actions such as these influence accelerating the process; while citizens have at their disposal an effective and safe solution to obtain masks. In this sense, in both stations security measures have been carried out delimiting various areas of the station to guarantee the safety distance between the users who frequent the area every day. Without a doubt, automatic distribution is being one of the most effective instruments to embrace this new normal.