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Why vending machines have been so popular these years?

Time: 2021-04-29

Whether the vending machine be more popular requires a number of conditions:

1.Relative to the traditional shop has no labor cost advantage.

2.There is no convenient and fast payment system / environment.

3.There is no mature mechanical and electrical manufacturing industry, the production of vending machine quality is not reliable.

4.The national quality can not keep up, the damage rate can be low to what extent.

5.Residents have a certain amount of disposable income can afford to consume goods in the vending machine.

 vending machine

Now the variety of vending machines is also more and more rich, From snack drinks vending machine and beverage vending machine to the lift system vending machine, hot food vending machine, beer vending machine, ice cream vending machine, visual identification of intelligent vending containers and so on. The whole unmanned retail terminal industry has been greatly enriched. Shopping methods are more and more convenient, operation is more and more simple, efficiency is getting higher and higher.

 vending machine