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TCN intelligent micro-market, special promotions at the end of the year

Time: 2019-12-24

Fortunately, we live in this AI era and enjoy the convenience and comfort of intelligent retail

So what kind of machine can attract your attention in this complicated market of vending machines?



TCN intelligent micro-market vending machine



The XY axis locator vending machine, whose large capacity is equivalent to three ordinary combo vending machines


The pusher slots + versatile slots can be adjusted arbitrarily, and the spring slots can also be matched;

Good compatibility of all kinds of listed goods, which can be compatible with 99.9% of the goods on the market, and can be displayed and sold in bags, boxes, special-shaped packaging, etc.

Cool light prompt, intelligent automatic door opening and closing.


Intelligent locator, AI robot picking up goods





XY axis intelligent locator

Stable delivery to ensure the goods are in good condition



Cool flash light prompt, fingers protected 


Whole process is easy and fast





Flexible space, diversified display




2 models available




Flexible for all scenarios

Snacks and drinks? Fresh fruits and vegetables?

Oil and daily? Digital appliances?

You can sell more kinds than you think! 



High tech and fashion appearance design


Develop new intelligent retail

Rich configuration to meet many needs

Boost the cross-border transformation and upgrading of traditional business chains

On the popular variety show "happy Camp"

TCN intelligent micro-market became the lucky box machine

The only vending machine that can be swarmed by many stars is TCN intelligent micro-market


Flexible and changeable

One is equal to many

All categories, cross-border

TCN intelligent micro-market is like a fire in winter to light up the new retail direction in the future





To borrow the classic sentence of live broadcast by Jiaqi Li :

"I don't need to say anything more. Buy it!" 


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