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How to choose the best place to place your drink vending machine

Time: 2019-04-14

Before the drink vending machine is put into release, it should first analyze the characteristics of the location, the location of the deployment, the object of use, and the usage rate. The main points are as follows:

1. The flow of people is large and the space is closed

It is necessary to choose a place with a large effective flow of people and a relatively closed competition. For example, schools (teaching halls, dormitory downstairs, playgrounds, baths outside), hospitals (halls), subways, high-speed rail stations, railway stations (waiting rooms, ticket offices, etc.), factories.

2. The quality of the place flow

Some places, although many people, may not be suitable for drink vending machines. For example, in a lot of communities, they are sensitive to the price of goods at home. Buying soy sauce is willing to go to a street in order to save 5 cents, and there is no way to sell goods. Any advantage, the biggest advantage of the vending machine is that it is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, the convenience is not cheap. Another example is the train station. It is very inappropriate near the platform. Everyone is busy on the train and can buy things.

Therefore, the choice of placement should pay attention to the quality of people and the quality of human traffic, but also pay attention to the competition brought by the surrounding physical store.

3. Commodity counterparts

Young people are the main group of cosmetics, food and beverage and adult products. They should put their vending machines at a higher level for young people; for example, the Korean magic mask vending machine, the university bath has become a good place to put it.

Some tourist attractions, parks, zoos, playgrounds, children like to use the help of adults, do their own hands on the vending machine to buy things, food and beverage, children's toys are the object of their consumption; The semi-closed factory, the characteristic town industrial park, and the creation space, because it is inconvenient to go out, it is a good place for vending machines to be placed; An environment with high physical exertion is also a good place (ball arena, etc.), for example: gymnasium but pay attention to its income level and corresponding spending power;

4. Security factors

Try to place the drink  vending machine in a safe place. a well-protected place, or within the coverage of the monitoring probe;

5. Easy operation

When investigating the location, try to balance the installation and the convenience of the replenishment channel. In the case of single or single machine, it is generally not too far away to consider where to place it. It is convenient when there is a problem in the store or when it is required to be loaded. If it is placed in a certain area, the surrounding crowd should be considered, especially Age group composition, age group composition should be 18-40 years old, the population is located in college students, young people community, business hotels are relatively concentrated areas.

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