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The Freshest Vending Machines in history, eggs on the go !!!

Time: 2019-04-20

"Vending machines are plentiful, but it's the first time I've seen such wonderful things..."


Here's the thing......


A strange vending machine appeared on a street in the centre of Frankfurt, Germany, and pedestrians were attracted and stopped to watch...



Although most people express their interest, they still have doubts about what it is. 


After all, human beings still have a natural fear of unknown creatures, until a man came up and looked carefully, and found that there were many "chickens" in it.



You're right! The vending machine, which is more than 2 meters high, is not filled with drinks, food and other goods, but with live hens. 


On the top of the vending machine, there are several bright red English words "Egg Machine", which is the name of the machine.



It looks like other vending machines. It can buy goods by coining, but it sells eggs...



Of course, this egg is not manually put in, nor is it a fake or imitation, but the eggs laid by the hen inside, fresh "eggs" coming out of the hen's buttocks.



In addition, there are 16 separate rooms in this "egg machine". 

Each room is occupied by a hen with its own number, which is like the name of its work, such as technician No. 38.




With these numbers, you can choose your favorite "chicken" to serve you, lay eggs for you, and ensure that the eggs are the freshest...




It sounds incredible. Is there going to be cows selling milk in the vending machine in the future?


I can only say that you think a lot... Although this automatic eggs vending machine looks very realistic, it actually has no eggs and will not lay eggs on the spot. 


This series of actions is just a public welfare action of NOAH of the German Animal Protection Association.




Although there are no eggs for sale, NOAH will distribute a card to the onlookers, on which are several ways of obtaining eggs, and through staff explanations to let you know more about eggs. They think that hens should not be regarded as egg-laying machines only, or kept in small cages, but should promote cageless breeding.




Through such public welfare activities, they hope to arouse people's concern about the living conditions of hens and stimulate people's consumption and purchase.



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