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Milk vending machine, the new retail wave of good opportunities!

Time: 2018-10-08

How to upgrade and transform traditional industries? 

What challenges can vending machines bring to the dairy industry?

In the last two years,the industry has encountered unprecedented challenges,the Internet is accelerating its penetration under traditional lines,Almost all brand sales have fallen in varying degrees.It also includes the dairy industry.

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Recommended dietary intake of adult dairy products in various countries (ml)

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According to Alibaba's data,Sales of beverage vending machines account for 65% of the market,From the data from the beverage vending machine, you can see,Prospect and Market of Milk vending Machine,Milk is more popular than drinks,Not everyone drinks every day.With the improvement of living standards.There is a growing awareness of the importance of balanced nutrition,Milk is what most people eat every day.

How's the profit from the milk vending machine?

Look at profit to see expenditure, Milk vending machine layout is convenient. Save labor costs and shop rental costs, only need a little electricity fee and location fee each month , the savings are profits.

In the stage of milk to the district consumption is less, most people choose to buy milk cartons in the supermarket.And drinking fresh milk is what many young parents want their children to drink every day.

The milk vending machine solves this problem very conveniently.


Milk vending machine can sterilize and keep warm,Effective protection of freshness and nutrition of milk products,Let the consumer buy rest assured, drink the peace of mind.

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How does milk vending machine operate profit big?

Early profit maximization, of course, is to constantly seize the resources of the community or school. 

In large quantities, any business can make money. 

And the milk vending machine sells a can of milk at a profit of about $5. 

It can be said to be a profitable venture project.

Middle Valley Milk vending Machine in Middle School

The more milk vending machines distribute, the more orders will be placed. This is obvious. 

In the rapid layout of the point can be with the community of property cooperation. Or share the profits with them. 

By such an operation. Rapid intervention in community resources, earn the first barrel of gold in life. In fact, it is not difficult.

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