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TCN New product shocked release,Enjoy the unmanned vending machine technology feast

Time: 2018-08-09

New retail feast in 4TH,March
China International Vending Machines & Self-service Facilities Fair 2018
Create a smart new terminal & smart new retail era
TCN will carry a wave of new products
Domineering debut
Time:15:20-16:00 4th March
TCN domineering new products will be unveiled at this time. Don’t miss it.
No.380, Yuejiang Middle Road, Haizhu District, Guangzhou City,China.(A105)
Our machine has reached the front line
Technology feast, are you ready?
Let‘s go!
Unmanned store
A new cross-border commercial O2O marketing platform
Redefining the lifting system, the unmanned store strength
Keep improving and achieve quality
First-class product compatibility
3D robot, vacuum suction cup
Most categories maximum stock
Intelligent scanning positioning
Automatic anti-pinch pick-up door

                                         < TCN-WRD >
The height and width of the cargo lane can be adjusted at will, and it is easy to adapt to various sizes of goods.
The robot picks up the goods and has no pressure on the goods that need to be handled lightly;
The vacuum suction cup robot directly sucks out the goods from the cargo road, and the high-end atmosphere is full of technology;
The cargo lane has no motor harness and other devices, which are simple and generous;
Panoramic glass perspective door, all goods at a glance, increase the desire to buy;
With anti-theft shipping device, the pickup port is completely isolated from the inventory area;
The shipping device automatically detects whether the customer has taken the merchandise;
Anti-pinch automatic door.
Box lunch vending machine
Create a new retail of food and beverage
Helping to share the new economy
Artificial intelligence to achieve new breakthroughs in technology
3000W Intelligent heating module
Food supply only needs 60S
High-tech storage preservation technology for a long time
Set refrigeration and heating as one intelligent selling machine
Say goodbye to the cumbersome and large box machine era

                                              < TCN-D720-FD(50SP) >
Fast heating, 3 times faster than ordinary microwave ovens
Fluorine free environmentally friendly refrigeration
Patented lifting system
Independent magnetron heating saves space and sells larger lunch boxes
Anti-theft anti-scalding design
Universal payment system
Big screen design
Remote wireless background
Ozone antivirus
X, Y axis mobile platform, refrigeration modules are independent modules, easy to repair
frozen vending machine
Strong performance
Ultra-low temperature, fast freezing and preservation
Surrounding stereo refrigeration, uniform cooling, fast
Refrigerated 5 degrees - frozen below 18 degrees, temperature adjustable
Dual refrigeration module, dual compressor
Thickened evaporator for fast freezing and cooling
Glass door with 3 layers of thick vacuum glass
With anti-fog function, refrigeration is more secure

Smart, not occupying land
More use of one machine, more peace of mind
Locked fresh, heavy freezing power
4D evenly frozen, good technology, power saving mute, everything
Refrigerated grid cabinet
Small body has big energy
Simple and generous, fully functional
Independent refrigeration module, fluorine-free environmentally friendly refrigeration
Fully transparent display can produce direct visual impact

                                                      < TCN-32S >
Single lattice door can be self-locking independently
The whole machine adopts polyurethane board insulation
The lattice door adopts double-layer vacuum technology and full PC transparent material.
Cooling, no fog, water, better strength and display

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