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TCN stunning design have been unveiled In NAMA show

Time: 2019-04-27

April 24th

The world-renowned exhibition of Vending Machines and Unattended Retailing,

The NAMA Show 2019 (National Automatic Merchandising Association) opened

at the Convention Center in Las Vegas, United States!


Founded in 1936, The NAMA Show is an industry association 

representing the US$25 billion annual turnover of the convenience service industry.

Up to now, The NAMA Show has more than 1000 corporate members,

including many world-renowned brands, 

which endorses for its members and provides training and research services.

Founded in 1936, The NAMA is an industry association representing the US$25 billion annual turnover of the convenient services in the United States, 

up to now,it has more than 1000 corporate members,

including many of whom are world-renowned brands ,

it speaks for its members and in the meantime it provides training and researching.

As a member of the NAMA, TCN was invited to attend the Show,

along with those world-known enterprises!


Aiming at the development of the international vending machine industry,

TCN has been working hard on improving the existing machines and developing new arrivals

to meet the diversified requests in the overseas market.

With its core technologies, TCN showed up in the NAMA Show this time

and brought a visual feast to the visitors!



Vending machine capable of -18 degrees, Hot food vending machine, Fresh food supermarket,

Drinks&snacks&coffee combo, full-sized touch screen machine, vending wardrobes,

they all showed up at the TCN stand!


With its strength TCN headed for the NAMA Show in the United States

and demonstrated what exactly “Made-in-China” is!

The machines showed up attracted great attention from brand owners and operators all over the world!


We met here, talked and collaborated here,

and we let the world feel the enchantment of made-in-China,

Vending machine capable of -18 degrees,

Hot food vending machine,

Whatever it is,

There is one for you and it meets your requirements,

The NAMA show keeps going on,

Let’s anticipate more possibilities created by TCN in the Show!




TCN has been always at the forefront of the vending machine industry

And it has been assisting its clients with superior products and services.

TCN will be attending more vending expos and making its brand names known all over the world! 




TCN China will support you for the vending machine guidance and troubleshooting no matter you bought VM from TCN factory or local distributor.Call us:+86-731-88048300