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TCN-ZK(22SP)+BLH-64S TCN madical vending machine facial mask vending machine pharmacy shop vending machine

- Independent master with 21.5” display,works with cash/cashless payment.
- Master+slave mode,different slaves with 19/27/40/64c ellsare available.
- The maste rworks with up to 6 slaves at the same time.
- Eye-catching flashing light in the lockers.

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Best Locations: Hospital, Community, Walking Channel, etc.

Model  TCN-ZK(22SP)+BLH-64S
Name  Locker Vending Machine
Dimensions  H:1940mm W: 1477mm D:320mm
Merchandise Type  No limatation,such as box,softbag,can/bottles etc.,
 Capacity  64 pcs
 Temperature  Normal
 Electricity  AC100V/240V,50HZ/60HZ
 Weight  320kg
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