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When a vending machine enter into catering industry?

Time: 2018-09-14


TCN refrigerated heating automatic lunch box machine to open up a new pattern of catering industry!
With the accelerating integration of the Internet and the catering industry
O2O catering Market rising steadily
The whole catering industry is paying more and more attention to the Internet, big data
Application of Information Technology and popularity of Mobile payment
How to get out of the traditional thinking mode of fast food industry?
TCN to build New Intelligent lunch box vending Machine
Break the pattern and build a new development circle of retail food supply

fast food vending machine

The appearance of automatic lunch box vending Machine in TCN, it is based on market demand.
Serve dinner 24 hours a day
Free of time and space constraints, extremely convenient to order meals
TCN lunch box vending machine broke through the traditional catering marketing mode with modern science and technology.
Implement artificial intelligence, internet of things, cloud service, big data, mobile payment
TCN supply lunch box vending machine solution
Realizing the New Mode of O2O Interactive Marketing online and offline
Simple and flexible 
Intelligent lunch box vending machine occupies a small area
24 hours of business
Saving manpower, easy to trade and easy to copy
fast food vending machine
Shared new economy
Vending machines share Restaurant contents
Restaurants share vending machines in terminal channels
A better and safer experience of catering Service
Ozone elimination of bacteria and antivirus
Bacteriolytic method, complete sterilization, no residue, wide spectrum of bactericidal
fast food vending machine
Strong and stable service platform
Sales, inventory, temperature data timely transfer cloud
Handheld monitoring, easy operationfast food vending machine
fast food vending machine5.
Follow-up advertising value 
large-size touch screen, can play video, picture ads
Easy interaction with customers, unlimited imagination space

fast food vending machine

Freely combinable unattended convenience store
With the sale of fast food, yogurt, bread and fruit platter and other goods
Office Building, library, Exhibition ,Station,community ,Internet bar, Airport ,scenic spot         
New retail has become a new tuyere
Get out of the traditional mode of thinking
Lock in wealth rigid demand large market
Future "vending machines" business patterns will continue to increase
TCN will continue to lead Industry Reform and Innovation

fast food vending machine


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